Illinois Valley Pistol Shrimp Searching for Mascot Performer.

The Illinois Valley Pistol Shrimp are searching for a mascot performer.  The Pistol Shrimp are looking for someone energetic and outgoing to perform as SouthClaw Sam, their zany and lovable mascot at Pistol Shrimp games and community appearances.

Those interested should record and send a videotape showing their personality and best dance moves (30 seconds or less) to:  [email protected]  Be sure to include your name and contact information.  The deadline has been extended to April 18.  Finalists will be contacted for an interview and live audition in the SouthClaw suit the following week.

Visit for complete posting and detailed information on how to enter.  Successful candidates should be available for many of the games but NOT every game and community appearance.

The Illinois Valley Pistol Shrimp are an amateur wood bat summer league baseball team made up of top college players from around the country who aspire to a career in professional baseball.  Established in 2019, the Pistol Shrimp are part of The Prospect League, a 16 team league that spans the Midwest from Iowa to Pennsylvania.

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