Harvard’s Top Astronomer Visits Wake Up Princeton

Harvard’s top astronomer visited WZOE’s Wake Up Princeton show recently.  Dr. Avi Loeb says he believes aliens tried to contact us in 2017.

In his new book “Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth”, Dr. Loeb argues ‘Oumuamua, which passed by Earth in 2017, wasn’t a comet but rather alien technology.

You may remember in 2017 when a bizarre, blunt-shaped object came whizzing our way in space.  It measured approximately half a mile in length and was moving at an irregular pace, getting alien watchers excited.  The vast majority of scientists who have studied the object have said ‘Oumuamua, was a natural phenomenon, but the head of Harvard’s astronomy department just published a book in which he says he believes the giant object was alien in origin.

In his book, Dr. Loeb lays out in 240 pages exactly why he believes the object from 2017 was an intergalactic attempt to contact Earth.

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