Farm Bureau and Health Department Offer Free Water Well Test Kits

The Bureau County Health Department and the Bureau County Farm Bureau are partnering with the National Ground Water Awareness Association to remind residents it’s “time for your water well checkup” in support of National Ground Water Awareness Week by providing free well sampling test kits for residents of Bureau County.  About half the US population receives its drinking water from wells. 


During National Groundwater Awareness Week, Bureau County residents can pick up the free kits Monday-Friday, March 9-13, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at the Bureau County Farm Bureau or the Health Department in Princeton during their regular business hours.  These test kits normally cost $15.00, but during that week they are being distributed for free.  After this week, the kits will only be available from the Health Department and they will cost $15.00.  


After collecting your sample during the month of March, it must be mailed by overnight delivery to Springfield.  Because testing is not done on the weekend, it is necessary to obtain and mail the sample on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. The water sample must be received in Springfield within 30 hours of being collected.


Results of the water samples will be sent back to the health department, where they will analyze the results and pass them along to those testing their water.  For more information about the water samples and what they are testing for you should contact the Health Department.

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