ER Nurse Receives Perry Memorial Hospital’s Daisy Award

Lindsay Hollingsworth was recently honored with Perry Memorial Hospital’s February 2020 Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nursing.


The emergency room is one of the most stressful settings for anyone because outcomes can be unpredictable.  Lindsay’s goal has always been to make patients and loved ones comfortable during their visit, while the array of tests and emergency treatment are provided by the Perry team. 


Lindsay began her career in St. Louis in the cardiac unit and managed a variety of heart-related issues.  Two years later, the Emergency Department position at Perry became available, and she applied and was selected for the position.  The pace was fast, with the team seeing an average of 300 patients a day. 


Lindsay received her master’s in education in 2019 and is currently completing her MBA.  


The Daisy Award is awarded quarterly to a Perry nurse in appreciation and admiration of compassionate care. 


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