Bureau County Sheriff Addresses COVID-19

“I would like to take this time to address our Bureau County residents as we face the growing public safety threat of the COVID-19 virus pandemic.  

This is a time for not only Bureau County residents, but all of Illinois to come together.  While we all can expect certain aspects of our daily lives and freedoms to be disrupted or impacted, it is imperative that we do all we can as individuals to protect those who could be severely affected by this virus.  Please be reasonable and responsible.  It is important to follow the direction and requests of our local, state, and national health care officials.  While many of us are discouraged by the restrictions that have been set in place, countless scholars, medical professionals, and legislators have determined that this is the best course of action to get control of this pandemic and return us to our normal everyday lives.  

I ask you all, please consider our first responders and health care officials and do not make their jobs any more difficult during this time.  Remember, every health care worker, fireman, paramedic, police officer, and deputy have a family at home that they are concerned about also.  They are the front line between you and this pandemic, and they will remain vigilant until this invisible enemy is defeated.  You can do your part to protect everyone’s health by taking precautions and following the directions and requests of health care officials.  

I want to ensure our Bureau County residents that law enforcement will continue to patrol our neighborhoods and enforce the law.  We will not accept disorder, misconduct, or criminal acts, and offenders will be held accountable.  Nothing is more important to sheriffs, deputies, chiefs, police officers, and our first responders than the health and safety of our neighbors we serve.

Please keep all of those affected by this situation in your thoughts and prayers.”

Sheriff Jim Reed

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