Dave Levora shares his story on his return to local radio

Done with radio. That’s where my head was three months ago. After getting bounced out of a building I spent nearly 20 years in for an “exciting new Country station” back in 2014 and then getting “dislocated” along with a thousand others in January, I had decided I was absolutely finished with radio. What sense does it make to love something that refuses to love you back?
I began to search for my next career when Fletcher Ford at Regional Media reached out and asked if I’d grab a cup of coffee with him. I figured this would give me an opportunity to say out loud how finished I was with radio. Plus, you know, free coffee.
I vented. He listened. And then he asked what I would do if I could build a radio station on my own terms. I told him I’d want to bring back the two brands I’d been a part of that I felt really resonated with listeners here in the Quad Cities. And the station would have to sound unlike anything else here or anywhere else.
Here’s how this story ends. I’m in a studio right now, minutes away from launching The Planet 93.9. Starting tomorrow, Darren and I are back on the air. Begin the Begin!

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