U of I Extension Offers Free Webinar on Local Redistricting Process

After the 2020 census, every state, including Illinois, will create new electoral maps, redrawing district lines for state legislators.  States with more than one U.S. representative revise their congressional district maps using a variety of legislative procedures.  In a parallel process, Illinois counties redraw their district boundaries.

University of Illinois Extension’s Local Government Education program will cover the redistricting process and recent history in Illinois at a free online webinar at noon on Tuesday, April 20.  Political science professors in the U of I system will provide an overview how the changes impact each level government in light of the anomalies in 2020 caused by the delayed release of census data.

The longstanding LGE program last delivered this program in 2011 on the heels of the prior completed decennial census.  Local officials, community leaders, and citizens will gain an understanding in how changes in population at state and local levels may impact their communities, as well as learn how the local redrawing process will happen in their own counties.

Registration is required at go.illinois.edu/LGE.  For more information, email Nancy Ouedraogo, Illinois Extension specialist, at [email protected]  Participants can expect to get a local perspective on the redistricting process and ask questions directly to the experts.

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