Spoon River College Ranks as Second Best Online Community College in Illinois

Spoon River College has been selected as the second best online Community College Program in the state of Illinois. GuidetoOnlineSchools.com put forth the rankings of the Top Online Community College Programs on Monday. Olney Central College in Olney, Illinois ranked as the Best Online Program in the state. All community colleges offering at least one online associate degree were considered eligible for rankings, and rankings were compiled for states with three or more eligible schools.

Eligible schools were ranked according to their scores, and scores were calculated according to an internal formula that incorporates retention rate, online enrollment percentage, and the number of online associate degrees offered. Some schools do not report retention rate, so for those schools, graduation rate was used instead. Graduation rate or retention rate was weighted most highly in order to ensure that the rankings highlight the schools whose students are most likely to earn a degree.

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