Macomb School Superintendent Says District Making ‘Daily Progress’ on Instructional Delivery Model

In an open letter to parents and staff in the Macomb School District, Superintendent Dr. Patrick M. Twomey said the district is making daily progress on the district’s instructional delivery model For families still struggling to connect with the district, he offered some suggestions and solutions.

Verizon is offering the ability for current customers to use their Smartphone as a Mobile Hotspot.  This allows an electronic device to connect to Smartphone for internet.  To turn on the Hotspot go into your phones Settings and click on Personal Hotspot and turn on (directions will vary depending on the Smartphone)

If you’re on an Unlimited Everyday or Even Better plan at US Cellular, they have provided you an extra 15GB of hotspot data to adjust to any shifting and varying work arrangements.

Internet access is available outside of the school buildings, by connecting to open wireless.  Buildings are not open, but Twomey said one could access the internet from the parking lots.

Community Hotspots that are offering free internet:

  • Ball Fore – 9575 US Highway 136
  • Chandler Park – E Carroll St
  • Downing Ball Park – Prairie Ave.
  • Georgetown HOA – 95 Charleston Dr.
  • Glenwood Swimming Pool – 1400 N Randolph St.
  • International Sandwich Shop – 711 W Adams
  • Patton Ball Diamonds – Grant St.
  • Prairieview Apartments – 405 N Prairie Ave
  • Spring Lake – 595 N 1500th Rd.

In terms of the school calendar and events later in the year the district has not addressed events beyond April 30, 2020.  Twomey said the district will follow their normal school calendar during this Shelter-in Place order.  This week there will only be instructional days Monday April 6 through Thursday April 9, 2020.  Friday and Monday will remain holidays with no instructional activities required and no teacher support available.  On Wednesday and Thursday this week the district will also deliver additional meals to families to ensure there is ample food in the home for the long weekend. 

Twomey said, “While there is no roadmap for us to follow, the teachers and administrators of Macomb School District #185 continue to look for ways of improving this new teaching and learning model.”

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