Macomb Park District Commissioners Meeting Agenda for January 18th

January 18, 2022 Board Meeting- Meeting to be held in the Macomb Park District board room at 1406 N Randolph St., Macomb, IL
6:00 PM
1. Meeting Open
2. Approval of Agenda
3. Consideration of and action on the minutes, bills and transfers, monthly financial statements 4. Open public presentation to Commissioners
5. President’s report
6. Director’s report
7. Consideration and action on election of OMA and FOIA officers
8. Consideration and possible action on COVID-19 Vaccination, Testing and Face Covering Policy 9. Consideration and possible action on Whistleblower Protection Policy
10. Consideration and possible action on Ordinance 341 – Financial Controls
11. Open Commissioner presentation and discussion of future agenda items
7:00 PM – Proposed Adjournment

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