Macomb Mayor Expresses Concern Over Perceived Lack of Widespread Adherence to Stay-at-Home Order

Both in his Tuesday afternoon (April 7) YouTube update and at Monday’s city council meeting, Macomb Mayor Michael Inman expressed concern that many people seem to be ignoring Gov. J. B. Pritzker’s recently-extended stay-at-home order, intended to slow the spread of COVID-19.

At Monday’s city council meeting, streamed live on the city’s YouTube channel with several members attending via teleconferencing links, Inman asked city residents to limit their time outside their homes. He cited statistics that indicate up to 25 percent of people infected with the virus aren’t aware that they have been infected.

These concerns were amplified by a public comment from a woman living in Jefferson Home, read by City Clerk Melanie Falk. The woman reported that residents are roaming around in the halls as the staff of the facility works from home.

The council approved authorizing Mayor Inman to make decisions relating to COVID-19 prevention in Macomb through July 1, and approved an ordinance allowing members to attend meetings via teleconferencing for the rest of 2020. Alderman Gayle Carper was appointed “successor mayor pro tempore” to act in the absence of Mayor Inman and Mayor Pro Tempore Dennis Moon.

In other business Monday, the council talked about the possibility of increasing fees for water and trash pickup. If adopted in its present form, city residents could pay an additional $2.25 per month for the debt service charge and an increase of $.25 in the water rate. The fee for solid waste collection would increase by a dollar.

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