Macomb Council Approves Water/Solid Waste Fee Hikes

Starting in May, Macomb residents will pay more for their water and solid waste service. In a 5-2 vote Monday evening (April 20), the Macomb City Council approved a measure to raise fees to the tune of $3 more for the water debt service, a dollar for garbage pickup and an average of $1.25 for the water bill.

John Vigezzi and Gayle Carper voted against the increases. Alderman Vigezzi said he understood the need for the city to cover its expenses, but called the timing “not ideal” due to the number of people in financial straits due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alderwoman Carper objected to lumping all the fees into a single rate hike package, saying she could see a need to raise water and solid waste fees, but not necessarily the increase in the debt service fee. She said a flat fee on every user would create a disproportionate burden on those with fixed incomes.

Alderwoman Annette Carper, one of the five who voted for the increase, said it was important for city residents to know there hasn’t been a rate increase since 2014.

Macomb Mayor Michael Inman said the increases will provide approximately $23,000 in additional revenue for the city. The rate hikes will show up on the bill due May 25.

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