Macomb Committee of the Whole Meeting Agenda for Monday

The Macomb Committee of the Whole will meet on Monday at 5:15 Pm. The agenda includes a number of items of public interest. Up first, a discussion of Community Equity Issues. The Committee of the Whole will discuss the Police response to recent community concerns and there will be a discussion, prompted by Alderman Carper, about whether or not to reinstate the use of email for public comments at meetings, specifically [email protected] which the city decided stop using after allowing people to begin to attend City Council Meetings in person again.

Also on the agenda, local activist Celeste Townsend will address the Council regarding the recent Together We Walk march, threats to peaceful protest and the City of Macomb’s response. This item was called for by Council Member Brown-Edward who asked that Townsend address the Council. On the COVID-19 front, there will be discussion regarding the continuation of Mayor Inman’s Emergency Proclamation Declaring a Civil Emergency Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The emergency proclamation was issued in April and is set to expire on August 17th without City Council action.

Finally, the public meeting will close with a discussion about an ordinance read at the last Macomb City Council Meeting concerning residential swimming pools. The public is invited to attend this meeting but face masks are required at Macomb City Hall and social distancing guidelines should be followed. Only 50 people are allowed in the Council Chamber at one time, that includes the Council and invited speakers so space may be limited.

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