Macomb City Hall Limits Face-To-Face Interactions

Starting this morning (March 17) when you go to the Macomb City Hall to conduct business you will find the doors locked. That does not mean City Hall is closed. What it means is that the staff at City Hall is trying to minimize opportunities for the coronavirus to spread throughout the seat of city government. You will find the signs on the door advising you to call and speak to city employees. If you are there to pay a bill, they will tell you where to drop it off. If you have a question about city services, they will provide someone to answer your question. The business of the city of Macomb will continue, but not on a face-to-face basis unless it is absolutely necessary.

Macomb Mayor Michael Inman announced the new state of affairs at last night’s city council meeting. He also stated that until further notice, the bi-weekly meetings of the council’s committee of the whole would be canceled, although a special meeting could be called if needed. The full council will continue to meet twice a month.

In other business, the council approved Downtown Renovation Grant applications: $20,000 for a project at 120 North Side Square for tuckpointing, awning replacement and second story window replacement; $17,950 for first and second floor window placements at the Macomb Arts Center; and $4,096 for front, back door and window replacements at Nostalgia Decor and Gifts. The council also approved a $1,350 grant under the city’s Residential Initiative and Stabilization Effort for the demolition of a garage at 314 West Calhoun Street.

In addition, the council approved $16,965.50 for the purchase of a Vortex slide to be installed at the Glenwood Pool.

The next meeting of the Macomb City Council will be Monday, April 6th, 5:15 p.m. at City Hall.

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