GO WEST and MCPT Keep A-Rollin’ During COVID Crisis

Go West Transit and McDonough County Public Transportation continues its dedication toward providing safe, efficient, and dependable transportation in the City of Macomb and McDonough County. 

The normal procedures of cleaning with CDC approved disinfectant every night for Go West and MCPT vehicles will be increased to every two (2) Hours during this COVID-19 crisis.   However, passengers are strongly reminded and requested to Please practice recommended social distancing.  This includes sitting 6 feet apart, cough or sneeze into your elbow, wash your hands frequently, and keep your hands away from your face.     

All Public Transportation in Macomb and McDonough County is and will be operating through this crisis.  While MCPT will operate under its normal hours, Go West will be continuing all of its Municipal Route Schedules until further notice.  These are Routes 15, 16, 18 and 19.  

Where 15 & 16 West services WIU’s campus and stops west and northwest of the City Center;  15 & 16 East services the businesses on the east end of Macomb as well as Wheeler Circle and North Prairie; 18 North provides access to the Park District sites and River Run; 18 & 19 South services the Hospital campus; 19 Southwest connects Eisenhower, Bridgeway and the DMV to the system.  These may all be accessed at the Macomb City Center just south of the Square where they meet every thirty (30) minutes.

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