City of Macomb Gives COVID-19 Status Update

Informational websites:

CDC guidelines for travel, social distancing, and protecting yourself

Illinois Department of Public Health

City of Macomb

City Hall is open with restricted access. We ask community members to communicate first via electronic means before meeting in person.

The Community room in City Hall is closed until April 6th.

City payments are accepted via mail, online at City website, and drop box in City Hall parking lot.

There is increased disinfection being done at City buildings and the train depot.

As requested by Governor Pritzker, water disconnections and late fees have been suspended for 30 days.

The City has identified essential operations and essential personnel.

The City water service department is restricting visits into customer properties except for emergencies.

Go-West is continuing public transportation operations to provide services to citizens that do no have other means of transportation.

Per Governor Pritzker’s executive order 2020-08 onsite consumption of food is halted. Customers may enter the premises for carry-out or may use curbside pick up or delivery. Also, gatherings of 50 people or more are prohibited.

The CDC has recommended avoiding groups larger than 10.

With the restaurant’s on-premises service closed, the City has placed parking spots for carry-out and curbside pick-up at the Downtown restaurants.

Action on administrative hearings for vehicle impoundments has been delayed 30 days.

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