Card Calls Wearing Face Covering a ‘Civic Duty’

In the aftermath of McDonough County announcing its fourth confirmed case of COVID-19 Wednesday (April 22), McDonough District Hospital Chief Medical Officer Edwin Card, MD, FACS, said wearing a face covering while out in public is a “civic duty.”

“Twenty percent of people who have the virus are walking around not knowing they have it,” Card said in a statement released by MDH Wednesday. “Those who have it and (are) yet to be symptomatic are maximally contagious 2-3 days before they get symptoms. I don’t think there is any other choice. We absolutely have to control secretions and the most effective means of doing that is to wear a mask.”

Card said the reason to wear a face covering is to protect other people from the virus you may be carrying. “When I wear a mask, I’m not protecting myself,” he said. “I’m protecting everybody else. The wearing of a mask, in my opinion, becomes essentially a civic duty at this point to protect our fellow citizens.”

As of Wednesday, there were four confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported in McDonough County out of the 115 tests administered in the county. Of those tests, 99 have come back negative, 4 positive, and 12 results are pending. According to the most recent update from the Illinois Department of Public Health, there are 35,108 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Illinois, 1,565 people have died as a result of the illness.

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