Annual Brix Challenge A Huge Success for McDonough County Humane Society

In its 8th year, the Brix Challenge proved to be as durable and popular as ever. The annual fundraiser for the McDonough County Humane Society brought in more than $18,000 in donations for the 2021 fundraising year. In a release to the media, the McDonough County Humane Society point out how the money raised will help animals across McDonough County…

The generosity of Chris Brix and those who participated in this year’s Brix Challenge will make the world a better place for many animals in McDonough County. HSMC members work tirelessly on a daily basis to continue and expand its programs and initiatives. A few of those proudly include:
1) PROMOTING ADOPTIONS of cats and dogs at the McDonough County Animal Shelter via weekly posters, social media, news outlets and sponsorship; promoting adoptions of hard to place animals through reduced adoption fees and/or medical intervention, for example.
2) SPONSORSHIP AND FOSTER of those animals that don’t get adopted from the McDonough County Animal Shelter by moving those animals whose time is running out at the shelter into foster homes where they can live in a family and enjoy socialization while awaiting their forever home.
3) REDUCING OVERPOPULATION through two separate spay/neuter programs. One serves to promote adoption of animals at the shelter by subsidizing the cost of altering animals adopted from the shelter. The other is a partnership with the Quincy Humane Society that provides transportation and spay/neuter for barn/feral cats at no cost to the caretaker. If space is available companion dogs and cats may take advantage of this for a nominal fee.
4) PROVIDING MEDICAL CARE to shelter and county animals in emergency situations through the discretionary use of our long-standing “Angel Fund.”
5) HELPING KEEP ANIMALS IN THEIR HOMES and with their families when they meet with financial distress via the Pet Food Pantry and through discretionary use of the “Angel Fund.”

The McDonough County Animal Shelter is preparing to move to a new $1,000,000 building but the money raised by the 2021 Brix Challenge is separate from the funds being raised in the Shelter Campaign.


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