Lee County Unified Executive Leadership Team

City of Dixon:

The City of Dixon is now working with twelve businesses who have contacted the City of Dixon with interest in the Downstate Small Business Stabilization Program. City staff and Dixon Chamber of Commerce met via Zoom video conference earlier today and have put in place a plan to help Dixon businesses interested in this grant. The city where the business is located must be the grant applicant. There is significant work to be completed to apply for the city and the business. The city has created a process to help streamline the work and make it easier for all involved.

The city is expecting to have two rounds for this grant, but businesses are able to take action sooner than later. Dixon businesses interested in this grant should email City Manager Danny Langloss at [email protected]

There are two specific grant programs offered through the State of Illinois: one is the Hospitality Emergency Grant Program and the second is the Downstate Small Business Stabilization Program. The Hospitality grant is due April 1 st . The Downstate Small Business grant just opened. More detailed information will be available through a separate press release. A direct link to these State of Illinois resources can be found here:


President Donald Trump signed the $2.2 trillion stimulus bill that will put cash directly in the hands of many Americans and will also provide significant financial assistance to businesses through Small Business Association (SBA) loans. It appears many of these will come with loan forgiveness if certain parameters are met.

Local Numbers: The lab does not provide test results after 12 p.m. on Saturday. More test results for Lee County are expected tomorrow.

Lee County State’s Attorney’s Office:

State’s Attorney Charley Boonstra would like to warn community members of scams related to COVID-19.  

The Attorney General has reported robocalls and fraudulent emails are being transmitted to individuals hoping to get personal information like social security numbers, Medicare beneficiary information, credit card/ bank information, and other sensitive information.

These individuals are also calling/emailing and offering products that are related to the COVID- 19 pandemic, such as testing equipment, masks, and products that will sterilize or kill COVID- 19.  Many of these scams are also related to stimulus checks that may be authorized by the federal government. S.A. Boonstra is urging our community to not give out personal information over the phone or email and to contact law enforcement if anyone suspects any of this activity occurring.

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