Lee County COVID-19 Update: April 20, 2020

The number of positive COVID-19 cases in Lee County remains at 17. Today, the State of Illinois announced 1,151 new cases bringing the total to 31,508 across 95 of the 102 counties. The death toll is now at 1,349.

The Lee County Unified Leadership Team would like to thank and recognize Lee County Sheriff John Simonton, State’s Attorney Charley Boonstra and State Representatives Tom Demmer and Dan Swanson for their efforts regarding the surrounding campgrounds in Lee County.  Minimizing non-essential travel during these times is paramount to the success of reducing the amount of COVID-19 cases in our community. Due to their leadership, Governor Pritzker provided further direction and revised the March 20, 2020 Executive Order to prohibit travel from primary to secondary residences within Illinois. This prohibits people from traveling to campgrounds in Lee County.

While it is not practical to achieve 100 percent compliance with these orders, this team would like to thank the leaders at Woodhaven for their work in accomplishing this goal.  The population within Woodhaven is well below normal for this time of year and officials are seeing in excess of 92% compliance. We look forward to continuing to work with Woodhaven and the other campgrounds during these unprecedented times.

Acts of Kindness: We would like to thank Josh Dober and Natalia Becker for their generous donation of Salmandra’s for lunch for
the Lee County Sheriff’s Department. Thank you for showing this support to our first responders.

Lee County Health Department 309 South Galena Ave. • Suite 100 Phone: (815) 284-3371
Dixon, Illinois 61021 www.LCHD.com

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