Kewanee City Council Wrap Up for Monday April 27th

The Kewanee City Council met on Monday night via the Zoom app for a lengthy meeting. The Monday meeting lasted nearly 2 hours with 9 items voted on and passed and 2 discussion items. Among the items that passed on Monday night was the City of Kewanee choosing to back the State of Illinois Community Block Grant for small businesses. This had been discussed at a previous meeting and City Attorney Justin Raver was asked to examine if approving the program would open the City of Kewanee to liability if a business applied for, received and defaulted on the program.

In the end, over the objection of Councilman Mike Yaklich, the Council voted in favor of allowing small businesses in Illinois to apply for the Block Grants with the help of the City of Kewanee. Businesses that get through the layers of red tape involved in the funding will likely be quite few but will be subject to a final council decision before their application is co-signed by the City of Kewanee.

Next was a discussion of roadwork. City Engineer Scott Hinton explained the options available to the Council regarding roadwork. The Council weighed options with aid from Henry County and a brand new, first time bidder for the work. Questions surround the company, Porter Brothers Asphalt and Sealing whose bid came in below what the City of Kewanee budgeted for planned projects. Questions remain as to whether during the COVID-19 shutdown whether Henry County will be available for work planned for this late-Spring and early summer.

The City reached a decision on a compromised time table and tentative contract approval for Porter Brothers but the nature of the agreement is dependent on several factors. Mayor Gary Moore will go into more detail regarding plans for roadwork this Summer when he appears on People to People on WKEI at 9:35 Am on Tuesday.

Yet another surprisingly low bid was submitted for an upcoming City of Kewanee project. Dixon Engineering received approval of a bid with the City of Kewanee on Monday night for construction inspection services.

A company called Performance Pipelining received approval from the City of Kewanee for a project related to the Kewanee Waste Water Treatment plant.

The City of Kewanee approved funds from the City Revolving Loan Fund for Midwest Trailer Manufacturing. The company is seeking a loan from the Revolving Loan Fund to help it stay in business amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The council heard from the owner of Midwest Trailer Manufacturing and passed the application unanimously.

Finally a discussion of the ambulance service agreement with the Village of Neponset was tabled for another meeting Councilman Mike Yaklich asked City Attorney Justin Raver if he could find a way for the City Council to hold an executive session to discuss terms of a contract for the Village of Neponset for ambulance service. Councilman Justin Raver said after consulting resources that he could see no such exemption for an Executive Session. Mayor Gary Moore then closed the discussion by asking the City Attorney to do more research and report back at the next Council Meeting regarding the potential for an executive session.

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