Henry County Farm Bureau Market Outlook Seminar and Women in Agriculture Meetings Soon

The Henry County Farm Bureau has their latest Market Outlook Seminar happening on Thursday, March 12th at Lavender Crest Winery and you still have time to attend. Katie Laleman from the Henry County Farm Bureau was our guest on the Tuned In Podcast on Wednesday, March 11th and told our host that they can still get farmers and agri-business owners into the meeting but they need to call soon. Call 309-937-2411 and let Katie know that you would like to attend the Market Outlook Seminar.

The Henry County Farm Bureau is joining with numerous cities and non-profit agencies who offering to help with the U.S Census. Katie Laleman told our host on Tuned In that the Farm Bureau offering the use of their office to those who need to fill out the census online.

And finally, we chatted with Katie about the upcoming Women in Agriculture event at Jumer’s Casino later this month on today’s edition of the Tuned In Podcast…

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