Galva Police Urging Citizens to Lock Homes Cars and Garages

Citing concerns about an increase in break-ins in surrounding communities, Galva Police are increasing neighborhood patrols. Galva Police are also issuing guidance for citizens to be more vigilant. Specifically, Galva Police are telling citizens to make sure they lock their vehicles, homes and garages. Thefts from unlocked vehicles is among the most common and difficult to investigate across the country. Stealing from an unlocked vehicle is considered burglary in the state of Illinois but it is among the most difficult crimes to prosecute. Your best bet is to be sure you lock your vehicle, even in your own driveway.

The message to citizens of Galva from Galva PD was posted at the Galva Ready to Grow Facebook page, a repository for community information in Galva. For now, citizens of Galva, and any community reading this, need to remember to lock vehicles, garages and homes. Police are also asking citizens to report suspicious activity. If you see people lingering around vehicles not there own or on property they don’t live on without an apparent reason to be there, contact the Galva Police Department.

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