Galesburg Police Announce Multiple Holiday Weekend Arrests

Galesburg Police were busy over the holiday weekend with several firearms related arrests. According to information provided by the City of Galesburg, on Saturday, Galesburg were contacted regarding a suspicious vehicle that had been parked in a private lot for several hours. Upon contacting the vehicle, Galesburg Police found one occupant inside, 35 year old Trevor J Pierce of Galesburg. Pierce was wanted on a warrant for drug possession and then upon his arrest for that offense, officers discovered a firearm on the floor of the vehicle. Pierce was found to be a convicted felon with a prior conviction for possession of a firearm. Pierce was taken to the Knox County Jail and processed for the warrant and felon in possession of a firearm.

In another gun related incident over the holiday weekend, Galesburg Police arrested three people involved in an exchange of gunfire between a vehicle and a residence in the 600 Block of Academy Street. According to the City of Galesburg, officers were called to 670 Academy Street regarding shots fired. At the scene, Galesburg Police found a vehicle fleeing the scene with what appeared to be and were, bullet holes on the side.

A subsequent investigation determined that the bullet holes were a result of an exchange of gunfire between subjects in the car and subjects at the residence. This investigation led to the arrests of three people. The following subjects were arrested for aggravated discharge of a firearm and other related charges:

Treykeece Wilson, age 22

Phillip Weah, age 24

Quadril Lawal, age 23

Three search warrants were executed as a result of the investigation. Three pistols and an AK pistol that fired rifle rounds were recovered.

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