Farmers Answer the Call Again!

Rock River Lumber and Grain together with The Sterling Rail put the word out to help fill a need. With so many in the community experiencing a reduction in pay due to layoffs, regardless how short or long, and money and food become an issue, what can be done to help. Nick Jacobs, of Jacobs Brothers Farms and Rock River Lumber and Grain contacted others in the community and surrounding counties and came up with a plan.

To raise money for food banks in the region, the request went out for grain donations, and the money raised would be immediatly relocated to food banks within the Sauk valley and northern Illinois region. Yesterday that idea went into full swing as grain deliveries from area farmers came in from surrounding counties. Rock River Lumber and Grain began taking those deliveries just before 11am yesterday.

Kris Noble from The Sauk Valley Area Chamber of Commerce was in on getting the word out and had these comments:

All grain donations to the Sterling Rail can be delivered under “Food Bank”

If you have any questions regarding grain donations please contact Rock River Lumber and Grain.
Phone: 815-537-5615 Email: [email protected]

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