Albany Police Chief Heyvaert Resigns

At last night’s Village of Albany Board Meeting,  Wyatt Heyvaert announced his resignation as Chief of Police for the Albany Police Department. Heyvaert, in a post late Monday on facebook, thanked former Mayor Brian Rowland for taking a chance on him, some 7and a half years ago. He says being the chief in his home town was a dream come true.

“I have been in law enforcement for 20 plus years and this has by far been the most difficult position I have held,” He also wrote, “In the end, my position affects more than just me, and when it starts taking a toll on my family, it is time for a change.”

Heyvaert indicated he is by no means stepping away from public service or his fellow officers. “To the other area law enforcement administrators and officers, sincere thanks for your support and assistance during my time here, I couldn’t (have) done it without all of you!” he wrote. “I will move forward in this profession and honorably serve the citizens of another municipality at the rank of patrolman. “ “I am not someone who has to be the Chief, I just love this profession and still have a lot to give to it.”


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