Illinois Republicans Celebrating Defeat of Known Nazi Arthur Jones in Illinois 3

The Illinois Republican Party pulled out the stops to defeat Arthur Jones in the Illinois 3rd Congressional District. On Tuesday, Will County Board Member Mike Fricilone won the primary in the 3rd district. The victory was celebrated by Illinois Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider who released the following statement…

“I promised that the Illinois Republican Party would do everything in its’ power to defeat Nazi Arthur Jones. And we did. Because many folks go to the polls and simply choose a familiar name in down ballot races, the ILGOP was committed to deploying resources to educate voters on Jones’ heinous views. We were successful in doing that, and hopefully now Arthur Jones has gotten the message that he does not represent our values and has no place in the Republican Party.

I applaud Mike Fricilone for his strong victory tonight and for his willingness to stand up and take on Nazi Arthur Jones. Mike is a tremendous candidate who will wage a strong campaign in the general election. We look forward to helping him defeat Congressman Lipinski or extreme liberal Marie Newman.”

Fricilone will be the Republican nominee in the race to replace Congressman Dan Lipinski who suffered a surprising loss to Marie Newman in the 3rd District Democratic primary on Tuesday. It was a rare primary loss for an incumbent Congressman.

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