Watch the official trailer for the new Lynyrd Skynyrd biopic ‘Street Survivors,’ narrated by Artimus Pyle

The first official trailer for Street Survivors: The True Story of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash — a new rock biopic based on ex-Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer Artimus Pyle‘s account of the tragic 1977 accident which killed frontman Ronnie Van Zant and two other band members — has premiered online at YouTube.

The clip features narration by Pyle, and various scenes from the film.

As the trailer begins, we hear Pyle say, “This is something that shouldn’t have happened, but it did. There have been many variations and accounts of this story. But I was there.”

The trailer features scenes recreating a number of big moments in the band’s history: Pyle being invited to try out for Skynyrd by Van Zant, the group playing live in concert, the members partying together and the band preparing to board the ill-fated flight.

Pyle’s voiceovernotes, “Being the drummer of Lynyrd Skynyrd, every day on the road was a hilarious adventure. We knew these songs backwards and forwards, so well that we only had to think about how hard we wanted to hit it. Not what was coming next.”

Next comes harrowing scenes depicting the plane crash, and an injured Pyle running to get help after surviving the accident.

As the trailer comes to an end, we see more scenes of the actors portraying Skynyrd performing together, as Pyle says, “This is more than a story about the plane crash. It’s about the music of Lynyrd Skynyrd, the greatest Southern rock band of all time.”

As previously reported, Street Survivors screenings are planned for international festivals, followed by a run in domestic theaters. The movie and a soundtrack album will be released as a home video package on June 30, and will be available on video-on-demand services that same day.

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