Waiting on a script: Mick Jagger on what inspired him to take on his first film role in almost 20 years

The Burnt Orange Heresy, a new crime thriller that features Mick Jagger as a scheming art dealer, premieres in select theaters in New York and Los Angeles this Friday, March 6, before getting a wider release later in the month.

The film marks the Rolling Stones frontman’s first movie role in nearly 20 years. So why the long delay between films? Jagger tells USA Today that the reason for the long hiatus was due to “laziness” on his part “and not getting a decent script.”

He explains, “I would like to have done a lot more, but it’s a funny world, film. You don’t get that many interesting things; you get a lot of rubbish offered to you that you might do if that was the only job. But I have other things to do.”

In The Burnt Orange Heresy, Jagger plays Joseph Cassidy, a British art dealer who’s the patron of a famous and reclusive painter named Jerome Debney. Intrigue ensues when Cassidy enlists a washed-up art critic named James Figueras to steal one of Debney’s paintings for him.

Mick only appears in two scenes, but he tells USA Today that he was drawn to the part because of his character’s dark nature and how he manipulates Figueras.

“I thought, ‘I can do something with this,’ even though there’s not a lot of screen time,” Jagger says. “[Cassidy] threatens and cajoles [Figueras] into doing something to get what he wants, which is a picture.”

Meanwhile, the 76-year-old Rock & Roll Hall of Famer says he’s gearing up for The Stones’ upcoming North American tour, which kicks off May 8 in San Diego.

“I’m already doing prep for it: going to the gym, singing, dance classes — trying to get ahead of the game,” Mick reveals.

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