Queen’s Brian May posts new “micro concert” video featuring soaring guitar solo

Queen‘s Brian May has offered up his second “micro concert” for fans stuck at home because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. In the video posted to his YouTube channel, titled “MicroConcerto Therapy, Opus 2,” May says, “I think I’ve been feeling angry and anxious all day, so, gotta work through that, I guess.”  He then plays a soaring two-minute-plus guitar solo.

In a message on his official website, May notes that he’s playing “a nice Fender Stratocaster” in the video that’s “equipped with a sustainer — which I’m using here at about half power.” He adds that he’s using a small Vox Mini5 Rhythm amp that “has lots of nice effects on it — like the delays I’m using here.”

In closing, he asks fans, “So IF I MAKE A HABIT OF DOING THIS while the CoronaVirus is confining us to our homes…any requests?”

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