Graham Nash launches new US solo tour; working on live release documenting 2019 full-albums performances

Graham Nash kicked off his latest U.S. solo tour last night in York, Pennsylvania.

Nash tells ABC Audio that his shows will feature songs spanning his long career, including many of his most popular tunes he’s written and recorded.

“I have, obviously, a lot of music to play,” he notes. “I know certain songs that people are paying hard-earned money to buy a ticket to come and see us [perform], and I intend to sing them with as much passion as I did when I wrote them.”

Graham also points out that he’ll share stories about some of those famous tunes at the concerts.

“People who appreciate music but don’t write music are fascinated by the art of songwriting,” he explains. “‘Where do songs come from?’ ‘What were you thinking when you wrote “Our House”?’ You know, those kind of things. And so I tell them.”

As with most of his 2019 shows, the new concerts will feature the 78-year-old folk-rock legend performing as a trio with his longtime lead guitarist, Shane Fontayne, and Hammond organ player Todd Caldwell, both of whom also were members of Crosby, Stills & Nash‘s touring band.

Meanwhile, Nash reveals that he’s working on a new live album featuring highlights from four special concerts he played last September that showcased full performances of his first two solo albums, 1971’s Songs for Beginners and 1974’s Wild Tales.

“[T]here are some lovely, lovely performances,” he says of the shows. “And…I’m having the record mixed as we speak.”

Graham also reports that the live release may also include video footage that was shot during rehearsals for the concerts, and at one of the shows.

Nash’s U.S. solo tour is mapped out through an April 2 concert in Elgin, Illinois.

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