Dennis DeYoung releasing two new solo songs Sunday, including previously reported Julian Lennon duet

Dennis DeYoung‘s new solo album, 26 East, Vol. 1, won’t hit stores until April 10, but two songs from the record will be released as an advanced single this Sunday, March 8, according to the  ex-Styx singer/keyboardist’s Facebook page.

DeYoung reveals that the single’s A-side is his previously reported duet with Julian Lennon, “To the Good Old Days,” while the B-side is the album’s lead track, “East of Midnight.”

Dennis explains that both songs “were inspired by [my fans] from things you’ve written here and stories you’ve told me when you’ve met me in person. [Heartfelt] tales regarding the impact and influence my songs and the songs of Styx have had upon your lives.”

DeYoung describes “To the Good Old Days” as “kind of a farewell tune I wrote acknowledging the journey we have all been on these nearly 50 years with a tip of the hat to both the good and bad times.” He adds that song’s lyrics are reminiscent of Styx’s 1981 hit “Best of Times,” while the music was influenced by The Beatles.

Dennis then reiterates something he stated in an earlier post, that he wrote “To the Good Old Days” specifically for him and Lennon to sing together. He adds, “It’s absolutely wonderful and I know you’ll love it.”

DeYoung also reveals that a video for the tune “will be released the following week.”

As for “East of Midnight,” Dennis describes it as “vintage Styx 1975 thru 1978,” while noting, “All the pomp and glory of its time is captured musically in a story about growing up listening to the radio past midnight when you weren’t supposed to.”

He says he co-wrote the song with Ides of March/ex-Survivor member Jim Peterik and another Chicago-area musician, John Melnick.

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