Check out Bono’s new social-distancing-themed collaboration with and Jennifer Hudson

Bono has teamed up with of Black Eyed Peas, Jennifer Hudson, and Japanese musician/producer Yoshiki to record on an uplifting anthem called “Sing for Life” that calls for us to keep connected while we practice social distancing because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

A video for the tune premiered today on’s official YouTube channel, and features clips of him, Bono and Hudson singing and Yoshiki playing piano in separate locations. The video also includes footage of people in Italy singing together from their balconies.

“Sing for Life” began as a song that the U2 frontman wrote, recorded and debuted on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, called “Let Your Love Be Known” that he says was inspired by seeing the aforementioned Italians singing together while stuck in their apartments. Bono introduced the tune via a video posted on and his band’s YouTube channel that showed him singing it while playing piano.

In a message accompanying the “Sing for Life” video, writes, “This song was created to bring JOY…In times like these, creative people must continue to collaborate…Whether you are a computer scientist, an engineer, a Therapist or a Teacher, just because we are self-isolating or in quarantine doesn’t mean you are alone.”

He adds, “The beauty of international connectivity is that nobody is alone on the internet!…Use this time to be creative and collaborate remotely to solve problems…A healthy body also means a healthy mind.”

The lyrics to the song’s chorus are: “You can’t touch, but you can sing/ Across rooftops/ Sing, to me down the phone/ Sing, and promise me you won’t stop/ Sing, you’re never alone.”

The track doesn’t appear to be available yet for purchase or streaming.

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