CCR drummer Doug “Cosmo” Clifford releases his archival solo album ‘Magic Window’ today

Magic Window, Creedence Clearwater Revival drummer Doug “Cosmo” Clifford‘s recently rediscovered unreleased solo album that he recorded in 1985, hits stores today, April 24, which also is his 75th birthday.

Clifford tells ABC Audio that the album is “the best project I’ve ever been involved with,” because he got to do a lot more than just play drums. He sang all the songs, and was the album’s main writer and co-producer.

“I’m wearing many hats,” he notes. “[I]t was really a fun experience.”

Clifford recorded Magic Window at his home on Lake Tahoe in Nevada, with help from one-time Norman Greenbaum collaborator Russell DaShiell on guitar and synths, and ex-Santana member Chris Solberg on bass and keyboards. DaShiell also served as the engineer and co-producer of the album, which features 10 diverse, well-crafted, melodic songs.

Cosmo says that one of his favorite tunes on the album is its title track, which he describes as “a powerhouse [and] a nice, deep-trenched rock ‘n’ roll song.”

He adds, “I have some spooky things in that thing. And the magic window can be anything…your imagination [will let it be].”

Another standout track for Clifford is the ballad “Don’t Leave Me Alone Tonight,” whose message of separation, he notes, seems to reflect what many people are going through during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Man, that’s a very touching thing,” Cosmo notes. “[P]eople can’t be with their loved ones, and that just happens to be what’s happening now in the world.”

Meanwhile, Clifford says his new album is helping him pass the time while he’s sheltering at home.

“On occasion I put Magic Window on, and I like jamming with it,” he reveals. “It’s just kind of fun.”

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