CCR drummer Doug Clifford reflects on new singles from his upcoming archival album, ‘Magic Window’

On April 24, Creedence Clearwater Revival drummer Doug “Cosmo” Clifford will be releasing a previously unreleased solo album he recorded in 1985 called Magic Window. In advance of the 10-track collection’s arrival, Clifford has issued two tracks — “Just Another Girl” and “Born on the South Side” — that are available now as digital singles and via streaming services.

Clifford tells ABC Audio that “Just Another Girl” is “a different [kind of] love song,” about a romance that takes time to develop.

“Usually it’s a love at first sight,” the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer explains. “So I thought I would try a different approach.” He then recites the tune’s opening lines: “First time that I saw you, you were just another girl/ How was I to know then, you would change my whole world?”

Clifford adds about the melodic tune, “It’s powerful ballad. Really, you know, gets in there and hammers through nicely.”

Interestingly, Cosmo points out that he and his wife, whom he met in high school, did experience love at first sight. The couple just celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary.

As for “Born on the South Side,” Clifford says the rootsy rock tune is an obvious tip of the hat to his old band Creedence.

“I’m just letting people know that, yeah, that’s me in there,” he says, laughing. “I still love the music of Creedence, but [Magic Window] is not a Creedence album or one that sounds like it, with the exception of that song.”

Clifford admits that he initially was hesitant about releasing the album during the coronavirus crisis, but says he then thought, “[M]ore than ever we need music…new music, old music, your favorite music, whatever will get you through what we’re going through with this horrible virus.”

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