“Got What I Got” on Instagram: Jason Aldean’s protective of his kids on social media

If you follow Jason Aldean or his wife Brittany on social media, you’ve likely enjoyed seeing lots of photos and videos of their kids, two-year-old Memphis and one-year-old Navy — practically from birth. 

And while Brittany’s a full-blown social influencer, the ACM Entertainer of the Decade admits he’s been much more hesitant about sharing so much of his personal life on the internet.

“It’s tricky for me, you know, just simply for the fact of like, I just know how hateful people can be on there,” Jason says. “With the younger [children], they’re not old enough to read stuff that gets said on there or whatever.”

“And we’re careful a lot of times about if we’re out somewhere, what we post while we’re out,” Jason explains. “A lot of times, we’ll wait till we leave and then post.”

“It’s something that you kind of always, you know, you’re kinda thinking about,” he adds. “The good part of it outweighs the bad, you know… But it kind of took me a little time to warm up to it.”

Considering how cute both Memphis and Navy are, it’s no surprise they’re both big attractions for the folks who enjoy their dad’s music. 

“We’ve got a lot of fans out there who love seeing that stuff and love watching these kids grow up,” Jason observes, “and it’s coming from a good place.”

Jason adds that he’s also very protective of his teenage daughters, Keeley and Kendyl, noting that even if they appear in his pictures, he makes it a point not to tag them.

“Got What I Got,” the second single from Jason’s new album, 9, is nearing country’s top twenty-five.

By Stephen Hubbard
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