Carrie Underwood surprised with Platinum album for ‘Cry Pretty’ at Country Radio Seminar

Carrie Underwood was in tears Friday afternoon at Country Radio Seminar as she received a Platinum album for her most recent release Cry Pretty, which she co-produced.

“This means a lot, ’cause I feel like this is the project that I’ve done, and the album that I’ve done, that is the most ‘me,"” Carrie said through sobs, as two executives from her record label gave her the giant plaque.

“And the fact that you guys were there supporting the whole way and didn’t laugh at me when I said I wanted to produce, and were equally as excited about these songs as I was…just, thank you,” she continued. “I’m honored and I’m humbled and God is good.”

The presentation came at the end of a sit-down interview Carrie did called Finding Your Path, whose name was inspired by the title of her upcoming book Find Your Path.  She discussed her artistry, her role as a leader in the music industry, and her personal life, including how she manages to juggle country superstardom with being a wife and mother of two.  Bottom line: Her husband Mike is super-supportive and, she says, “We figure it out.”

Carrie also revealed her secret musical passion: heavy metal.  She confessed to listening to Ozzy Osbourne‘s new album before taking the stage on Friday, and recalled attending concerts by HoleGreen Day and Slipknot as a teenager. 

Carrie also described going to a recent Guns N’ Roses concert, where she watched from the audience, rather than in a special VIP box.

“It was one of the best nights of my life,” she raved. “I was losing my mind — and it was amazing, amazing, amazing!”

Of course, for anyone who remembers Carrie covering Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home” for the American Idol farewell song one year, this won’t come as a surprise.

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