Wildfires and parental social lives: How Magic Giant throws a “Disaster Party”

Magic Giant‘s new single, “Disaster Party,” is about throwing a party in even the worst of times, and the track was inspired by a real-life disaster.

As fiddle and banjo player Zambricki Li tells ABC Audio, the trio came up with “Disaster Party” after hearing a story from their producer about his experience with the California wildfires.

“His whole neighborhood came together and fought off the fires because the Los Angeles Fire Department couldn’t make it up that far and they were really over-maxed,” Li recalls. “He told us this story and said that some of these neighbors had never met each other before, even though they’d been there for years.”

“The next day when we were writing, we were just thinking about that concept of how when tragedies or just things aren’t necessarily going right, how it actually can bring people together,” he continues. “Then after it’s over, you know that person forever, and you have that connection.”

The actual title “Disaster Party,” however, was taken from a much sillier source: the social life of guitarist Zang‘s parents.

As Zang tells it, his mom and stepdad — whom he describes as “very Persian” — have a community of divorced and single friends in their late 50s.

“They get together and they have these gatherings, and there’s so much drama,” Zang explains. “It’s always crazy, and people are hooking up with people, and it’s this weird thing.”

Apparently, Zang’s parents would dub these gatherings “disaster parties.”

“I was, like, ‘Huh! Disaster party! That sounds interesting,"” Zang says. “I don’t know if I wanna go, but you wanna hear about it, at the very least.” 

“Disaster Party” will appear on Magic Giant’s upcoming sophomore album, the follow-up to 2017’s In the Wind.

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