Watch Michael Stipe sing new solo tune, “No Time for Love Like Now”

Michael Stipe has posted a new video message as he bunkers down at home during the coronavirus crisis, and in the clip, he’s introduced a brand-new solo song.

The founding R.E.M. singer reports that the tune is titled “No Time for Love Like Now,” and is a collaboration with Aaron Dessner of indie-rock group The National. The video features Stipe singing live along with a demo track of the melodic, slow-tempo song, which features sparse electronic percussion, keyboards and guitar.

The tune’s lyrics feature allusions to the political climate in the U.S., and to life during the current health crisis.

“There’s no time for dancing/ There’s no time for undecideds/ No time for love like now,” Michael sings. “Where did this all begin to change/ The lockdown memories can’t sustain/ This glistening, hanging free fall.”

You can check out the “No Time for Love Like Now” video at,, R.E.M.’s social media pages and Stipe’s YouTube channel.

In recent months, Stipe has released his first two official solo songs, “Your Capricious Soul” and “Drive to the Ocean,” which premiered this past October and January, respectively.

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