Two Feet “starts new” with “freethinking” debut album, ‘Pink’

You may know Two Feet from his hit single “I Feel Like I’m Drowning” or his viral online smash “Go F*** Yourself,” but you won’t find either on his debut album, Pink. For his first full-length project, the musician — non-stage name: Bill Dess — wanted to make something “completely new.”

“Those both have verse-chorus pop song structure,” Dess tells ABC Audio of his two breakout songs. “A lot of the songs on this album are either songs that grow over the length of the song, and a lot of them don’t have a traditional pop form, and I kind of wanted to just be freethinking with this.”

“‘I Feel Like I’m Drowning’ and ‘Go F*** Yourself’ just felt like a part of the past to me,” he adds. “I wanted to start new with these songs.”

What you will find on Pink is a song like the single “You?”, which Dess describes as a combination between “I Feel Like I’m Drowning ” and “Go F*** Yourself.”

“I felt like I sort of combined the two sounds to make one track, which I’ve always wanted to do,” Dess explains.

No matter what Two Feet song you hear, you’ll almost certainly recognize his signature guitar tone. That tone is a huge part of Two Feet’s sound, which was greatly inspired by the late Jeff Buckley.

“I’ve been listening to Grace since I was a little kid,” Dess says. “A large part of his music is obviously, of course, his incredible vocals, but a lot of it is really just the incredible instrumentation and the way he uses guitar, which was so signifying.”

“You hear Jeff Buckley on ‘Hallelujah’ and if you watch his live recordings, you’re like, ‘That sounds like Jeff Buckley,"” he adds. 

Pink is out today.

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