Trapt launches multi-day Twitter rant defending Donald Trump & bragging about streaming stats

Trapt is apparently going through a real time of it in the age of COVID-19 and self-quarantine.

For the past few days, the band, who you may remember from their 2002 single “Headstrong,” has been in the middle of a lengthy Twitter rant which started with defending President Donald Trump, and eventually led to quoting streaming statistics.

It all began March 16, when Trapt replied to a tweet by Captain America star Chris Evans, who was criticizing Trump for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. In response, the Trapt Twitter account wrote, “Stfu! Trump made the decision to close off travel from China early on! Europe didn’t do this! That is the SOLE reason the US doesn’t have bodies piling up and hospitals being overrun with the system about to fail, as is case in Italy. You should be thankful he made that decision!”

In actuality, however, Italy imposed a ban on flights to and from China on January 31st, three days before the U.S. imposed a similar ban.

The account then responded to a tweet by civil rights activist Bishop Talbert Swan calling Trump “racist” and a “buffoon” with, “Oh it’s THE authority on victim mentality!”

Things then quickly deteriorated further, with Trapt defending Trump calling COVID-19 the “Chinese virus” — a term which has been criticized as racist — and accuse those calling that racist as “virtue signaling”.

Trapt also tweeted that those criticizing racism have a “victim’s mentality”, while writing that the Civil Rights Act was passed “over 50 years ago” and that people should “move on.”

Eventually, this all led to Trapt defending their popularity, repeatedly writing that the band has “two million Spotify and 2.6 million Pandora listeners.”

According to an article by Slate, Trapt tweeted about 900 times since this all began.

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