Petals, Assemble: Hayley Williams likens upcoming debut album to the MCU

Throughout the year, Hayley Williams has been dropping new music from her upcoming solo debut album, Petals for Armor. So far, she’s released two-thirds of the album in the form of two, five-song EPs. Speaking to Billboard, the Paramore frontwoman likens the Petals release strategy to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“Some of these songs don’t belong together,” Williams explains. “They live in the same universe, but it’s sort of like Marvel movies: you have awareness of these other characters, but maybe they’re not in every movie.”

So instead of releasing a single or two and then dropping a whole album, Williams wanted to release the Petals for Armor songs “almost exactly the way they came to me.”

“When I started to write those songs, I had begun to get past some of the deeper, murkier parts of, I guess, my ‘healing journey’?” she explains. “I feel so cheesy saying that. By the time I got to the songs that come later, I was seeing changes in myself, and feeling a lot lighter.”

Petals for Armor will assemble in full when the whole album drops on May 8.

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