Mark Hoppus fills out Blink-182 bracket; Tom DeLonge celebrates Pentagon declassifying alleged UFO videos

Here’s two pieces of Blink-182-related news, one a bit less bizarre than the other.

To start on a lighter note, Mark Hoppus filled out his own song bracket to pick his favorite Blink tune. Brackets pitting one artist’s songs against each other have been floating around social media recently while everyone is bored in quarantine.

Hoppus’ final four was “All the Small Things,” “I Miss You,” “What’s My Age Again?” and “Feeling This.” He advanced “I Miss You” and “Feeling This” into the finals, before declaring “Feeling This” the ultimate winner.

While that was going on, ex-Blink member Tom DeLonge was celebrating the Pentagon declassifying videos showing “unidentified aerial phenomena.” DeLonge’s To the Stars Academy UFO research organization had previously published the videos.

“With today’s events and articles on my and @TTSAcademy’s efforts to get the US Gov to start the grand conversation, I want to thank every share holder at To the Stars for believing in us,” DeLonge tweeted. “Next, we plan on pursuing the technology, finding more answers and telling the stories.”

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