Listen to Pete Wentz deliver spoken word performance on new song, “Check Your Phone”

Pete Wentz explores his relationship with his phone with a new song called “Check Your Phone.”

The track was created in collaboration with a musical duo called Cheap Cuts, and features the Fall Out Boy bassist reciting a spoken word performance over a happy, bouncing beat.

Sample lyrics include, “Start a podcast, become a DJ, try to fill the void inside,” and “Influence you, influence me/Under the influence of my own anxiety,” all cut with random interjections of the line “check your phone.”

“It’s funny to have everything in the world in a device at the tip of my fingers and feel like it is swallowing me whole sometimes,” Wentz says. “Without a doubt, my phone has made touring, staying in touch and finding out random actors who voiced GI Joe characters from the ’80s cartoon easier. But my addiction to it is complicated — the last thing I look to at night is its hazy blur, and it is the first text message that jolts me awake in the morning.”

“To me this song is about the anxiety [my phone] gives me, but at the same time, the way I feel a bit lighter when I watch a video on it of raccoons walking around like people or whatever,” Wentz adds. “It is messy and filled with complex, opposing perspectives that seem to contradict each other — just like us.”

You can download “Check Your Phone” now via digital outlets.

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