Liam Gallagher sings Oasis classics while washing his hands

Liam Gallagher is spending his time in quarantine coming up with hand-washing parody Oasis songs.

Over the weekend, the U.K. singer tweeted several videos of himself singing a number of his former band’s classic hits, while changing the lyrics to encourage to wash your hands. First, there was “Wonderwash,” a COVID-19 take on “Wonderwall,” followed by new versions of “Supersonic” and “Champagne Supernova”: “Soapersonic” and “Champagne Soapernova.”

But that’s not the only thing Gallagher is doing while in self-isolation. He also posted a video of himself wearing a colander on his head while singing the slogan for Smash mashed potatoes, which were known in the U.K. for their popular advertisements in the ’70s.

Meanwhile, last week Liam pitched his estranged brother and former band mate Noel Gallagher on the idea of an Oasis reunion concert once the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Noel has yet to publicly respond to his offer.

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