Is Mr. Bungle recording new music?

Following their string of reunion shows earlier this month, Mr. Bungle appear to be back in the studio.

On Thursday, the Mike Patton-led band tweeted a photo of recording console, suggesting that new music may be in the works. Some fans are also theorizing that the group may be re-recording their 1986 debut demo The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny, which they performed during the reunion tour.

Of note: one of the soundboard’s faders in the photo is labeled “Scott,” which may refer to Scott Ian. The Anthrax guitarist played in the Mr. Bungle live band for the reunion shows.

If Mr. Bungle is indeed recording, that’s another item on Patton’s ever-full plate. He’ll also be touring with Faith No More this year, and his other bands Tomahawk and Dead Cross supposedly also have new music in the works.

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