Hayley Williams on Paramore: “This now feels like a beginning”

With Hayley Williams going solo with her upcoming album, Petals for Armor, questions have arisen about the future of Paramore. Luckily, as Williams tells The New York Times, there’s nothing to worry about.

“This now feels like a beginning,” Williams says of Paramore. That’s a complete one-eighty from how she felt leading up to the release of the group’s most recent album, 2017’s After Laughter, which she now says “felt like an ending.”

Williams also says that Paramore maybe be returning to a more rock-oriented sound after exploring a more ’80s pop direction with After Laughter.

“We’re like, ‘We’re tired of head banging, our necks hurt!"” Williams recalls. Now, as the Times writes, they “miss heavy music.”

“I realized that you can’t kill [Paramore],” Williams laughs. “It’s in our blood.”

Petals for Armor is due out May 8. The Petals for Armor I EP, featuring five songs from the upcoming album, is out now.

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