With Future ‘Nostalgia,’ Dua Lipa’s finally trading “sadness” for “happy moments”

Dua Lipa‘s long-awaited second album Future Nostalgia is here.  She’s described it as a “non-stop Dancersize class,” and she says it was the success she’s had over the past few years collaborating with top dance DJs and producers that inspired the album’s musical direction

In 2018, Dua scored two big hits: “One Kiss” with Calvin Harris and “Electricity” with Silk City, the duo featuring Mark Ronson and Diplo.  “Electricity” won Dua a Grammy, while “One Kiss” was the biggest-selling song of 2018 in the U.K.

“After ‘Electricity’ and ‘One Kiss,’  the nostalgic feeling of those, I felt so at home…I just loved performing them,” she tells ABC Audio. “And I wanted to kind of have my own take on it and try something different and do my own thing.”

“I knew the album title before I started writing the record,” she adds. “So I was like, ‘OK, Future Nostalgia,’ so everything worked kind of backwards from that.”

But just because tracks like “Don’t Start Now” and “Physical” are retro-inspired dance songs doesn’t mean that they’re mindless fluff.  The British Grammy-winner covers a lot of different topics on Future Nostalgia.

“Well, it’s a mixture of things,” she says of the themes on the album. “Like love, unrequited love. It’s also the feeling of growing up as a woman and what that’s like.”

“And I mean, some are also really happy songs, which I feel like weren’t on the first record because I felt like I found so much inspiration from sadness,” she explains.

“But I’ve learned how to draw from happy moments too, and create something that still tells a story and is really fun and lyrically exciting. At least I think so!”

Dua recently postponed her European arena tour to 2021.

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