Toxic: Britney’s son gets in trouble for shocking Instagram Live session

As previously reported, Britney Spears‘ youngest son Jayden Federline took to Instagram Live on Tuesday night and spilled the tea on a number of topics, including his feelings about Britney’s father Jamie, and the future of his mom’s career.  Well…it turns out this is a teachable moment for the tween.

The 13-year-old boasted during his session that he wouldn’t get in trouble for saying that his grandfather “can go die” and that his mom “might quit” music, because his dad “didn’t care” and is “literally Jesus.”  But guess what?  His dad, Kevin Federline, did care.

Federline’s divorce lawyer told Page Six in a statement, “This is what happens when a 13-year-old acts like they’re 13 years old. Kevin is handling the situation as you would expect from any responsible parent.”

No word on what Britney herself thinks of her son’s big mouth.  Her most recent Instagram post was a quote that reads, “Your soul is attracted to people the way flowers are attracted to the sun. Surround yourself only with those who want to see you grow.”

The first comment on the post, however, is from a fan asking if what Jayden said is true, and that she really wants to “quit” music.

Jayden’s Instagram account is currently set to “private.”

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