Justin Timberlake has no plans for an album right now: “If it comes together, then it comes together”

We’re getting to hear new Justin Timberlake music, thanks to his contributions to the Trolls World Tour soundtrack.  But when it comes to a full-blown album, Justin says it’s not his plan right now.

“I’m really enjoying the process again,” the singer tells Zane Lowe in a new interview for Apple Music. “I don’t have an agenda to make an album, but if it comes together, then it comes together. And in the meantime, I just want to stack records with people that I love, and that I’m inspired by, and that happens to be a ton of people.”

Recently, Justin’s collaborated with artists including Anderson .Paak, SZA, Meek Mill and Lizzo. His song with SZA, “The Other Side,” was released in February and is the first single off the Trolls World Tour soundtrack. His song with .Paak called “Don’t Slack,” also off the soundtrack, dropped on Tuesday.

Justin was also featured on the Meek Mill track “Believe,” and he recorded a song with Lizzo back in August that he’s itching to put out soon.

“I’ve always loved collaborating,” he says, adding that he’s “in a zone” of just focusing on individual songs rather than an album.

“The vessel used to be the album, there was so much time in between when I would get to go in with people,” Justin says. “And now, I could not put anything out for the rest of the year, I could also put eight records out before 2020 is over, I don’t know.”

Justin’s last studio album, Man of the Woods, came out in 2018. The Trolls World Tour soundtrack comes out Friday.

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